Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Quick Stenciled Wall

I have a few favorite spaces in my house.  The office / guest room is, of course, one of them.  The other area isn't a full space, but merely one I pass by many times a day.  

The whole hallway had bothered me due to it's boring nature.  To change it, I tackled it in small sections.  

First:             Crib Spring Inspiration
Second:                   Chalkboard Wall
Third:                      Fun Gallery Wall

And finally, a little bit of stenciling for huge impact.


Could it look any more boring?.  I had these frames hanging on the wall for 6 months while I waited for my sister and sister in law to send photos of their familiesThey never came, haha.  I could no longer handle the unfinished imperfection.

All it took was my stencil from Royal Designs Studio.  I've used it before on an old tv tray redo and also in my guest room closet.


The whole wall only took me about an hour to do.
What a beautiful difference!  I found a beautiful mirror at our local BX for only $40.  

The area still didn't look quite complete, so I opted to create my own art.  I purchased a 2 pack of 12x12 canvases from Joanns with a coupon.  I am really into green right now, so I painted the background with a blend of acrylic paint colors.  I made a stencil from a link I found online.

I used one canvas to cover up the filter/air control panel  
(our houses are necessarily airtight here in Alaska, but that tightness requires some fancy air systems)

 I love how the area looks now.  It has a peaceful elegance.
 Do you love it as much as I do?

These pics don't do it justice since there isn't good light here and it's hard to get far enough away to get a good shot.


 If you haven't used a stencil before, I highly recommend it! 

I'm always amazed how the little touches can make such a huge impact; not only in my home, but in my spirit.

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