Sunday, November 3, 2013

Spiritual Leadership

A little honesty for you this Sunday.  

I struggle with being able to "do it all" every day.  I have days where I feel successful and other days that I feel I'm a complete failure.

This article by Kate Tietje really resonated with me.  One of the areas I feel inordinately inadequate is as a spiritual leader in my home.  My husband is so good about talking with the kids before bed at night and I know that's where a lot of their spiritual education is coming from, but I'm the one that's home with them all day and I should be providing more guidance.  

We've been really inconsistent this summer about getting to church on Sundays.  Even the kids noticed.  A few weeks ago my 5 year old, Ephraim, said "Mommy, I want to go to church more so I can learn more about God!".  Humbling.  There is no dragging these kids to church...they want to go.  It's their parents who have been lazy and inattentive.

Dave took the kids to church on his own last week while I stayed home with 2 sick little ones.  This weekend, he is working, so I took all of them myself.  

Our church offers communion every week and when the time comes, you take whatever time you need and consume the cracker piece and small cup of juice at your own pace.  
I leaned over to Ephraim on my left and said "Be careful not to spill" and he replies "I know.  I know what this is for.  This is for his body and this one is for his blood".  I'm humbled.  
Then I looked to my right, and see my 3 older kids holding their sacrament items, heads bowed or eyes closed in diligent prayer.   Prayers initiated on their own.  I am again mightily humbled.

You see, no matter my inadequacies, God can take all that I have and make it into something valuable and eternal. 


  1. I am so glad you feel this way sometimes too, Miranda! I love how God loves us, faults and all. Thank you for this beautiful picture of His grace.

  2. Dearest Miranda, what I am to about to say is said completely in love. Your husband is the spiritual leader as is mine...however...we as the mothers are the ones to instruct our children during the course of the day... look for opportunities to teach your children during the coarse of the day...something about God, or Jesus, and/or the Holy Spirit. When my children were small, before they started school, we would start our day with a brief bible study (very brief)....You home school don't you, you might consider having a little class on the life of Jesus. I am sure that your time is tight, it seems we all have that problem these days...I have it more so with grand babies these days, my babies are all out of the house....blessings to you and your family, I do so enjoy reading of your adventures.

  3. Hey Miranda!

    Praising Him for how He is so faithful to reminds us of our priorities, even through the lives He's given us to teach!!!

    Glad to read your blog and hear how you survive in a frigid, remote life!


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