Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall decor

We've had an extended fall season here in Alaska.  With record breaking high temperatures and no snow, it's almost been like living in the lower 48!

This was taken just last week (when there is usually a foot of snow already on the ground).  One of the last leaves on my lilac bush...poor thing was hanging on as long as it could.

It finally snowed Halloween night and I think it's here to stay.  The trees are dusted with the white stuff and we're starting to get some accumulation on the ground.  While the fall was nice, the snow is necessary for us to insulate the ground before our sub-zero temps one likes frozen pipes at -40 degrees.  

I still have to get out there and take some pics of our winter wonderland, but for now, I'll share my new fall wreaths I've found in the last couple of weeks.

My front door really needed a pick me up and this wreath is one that will take me all the way into Christmas.   I found it at Joanns in their Christmas area.  It's not overly themed, so it will work just fine for Thanksgiving (especially when I add a little thankful sign).
I got the new welcome mat on clearance at Target on our quick trip to Anchorage.  I love the color, since it reminds me a bit of the ice-toned sky in the winter.

The entry is prepared as well as it can be for winter

The other wreath I found was at Michaels in their clearance area.  I couldn't believe my good luck!  I didn't even have a spot for it, but with that "R" on there, I knew it was meant for the Roller household.
Whoever designed this wreath for their store did an amazing job.  I love the colors and mix of materials.  It's really well done.

And look at the price!!!!

After leaving it sitting for a few days on my buffet, I realized it would be perfect hanging above the mirror!
For the rest of the buffet decor, I keep it pretty simple.  

I love the character this sweet glass bird gives.  The runner is a simple scarf from American Eagle.  I buy scarves on clearance in my favorite clothing stores and use them this way (since I can't stand actually wearing them). 

Our only pet, the beta fish "Louis" fits this space just fine.   He's a very well behaved fish ♥

 I'm really happy with how the wreath looks.  It adds a little color without being overpowering.  

I can't wait to show you our huge wood stack!  That post is coming soon.  We've all been hard at work getting ready for the winter and I think we're ready.  

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Love the "R" wreath! What a fantastic find!

  2. Love the "R" wreath! What a fantastic find!


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