Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!!

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday.  It's a lovely day to celebrate all that we hold dear here in these great United States.  

We usually spend the day with my sisters family since it's the one holiday that is encumbered by family obligations.  We dress the kids in coordinating outfits, BBQ and create a lovely table with awesome food and then hang out in the yard all evening watching the guys light off relatively safe  fireworks (much to their chagrin).  

This year though we are alone and there is no night for fireworks here in the land of the midnight sun.  I'm uninspired, but I wanted to do something to celebrate.  

Remember my crib frame?  Click HERE for a refresher.  We hung it in the hallway.

This is my attempt at a holiday display.  I had a lot of ideas and plans, but I ran out of time.  This is how it came out and it's a bit of a hot mess, I know.

But it's my sentimental "hot mess"

  One of my favorite photos

I printed one photo from each year on July 4th that I had on my computer.  I printed them using Picniks Cross-Process for a vintage feel
The ribbon is from a baby gift  (love re-using)

One last look

I won't be linking this to any parties-LOL



  1. Cute idea on the crib frame there.
    Yeah the 4th is different here in AK with the sunlight at night. I see fireworks in the dead of winter here instead. All I'm doing is putting out the flags but Bob is out of the country and I'm alone here so no celebration.

  2. Aaah, that's a lovely idea!! The crib looks very celebratory. And I can see why it didn't feel quite the same to you without the usual darkness. It'd be like celebrating Christmas in the sunshine! But it sounds as though you did a great job - especially given that you've just had a little baby!!


  3. I think it turned out cute!!
    You can use it for every holiday!

    I hang antique Christmas, Easter, whatever cards up for holidays.


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