Monday, June 13, 2011

Springs for free!

My Mom and I went to town this afternoon and we swung by the dump to toss the garbage.  My post about our local garbage dump is HERE

Sitting in the covered area (that's free for the taking, well anything is free at the dump, but this stuff is "special") was the base for a crib...the spring part.  I grabbed it, seeing endless possibilities!  

Then I pulled out the chalk paint
 I figured this was a good starter project to get a feel for this paint
It's a little on the modern side, but I think it has enough texture to make it interesting.  And hey, it was FREE!!  

Mostly done.  I can't decide if I should add a spray painted layer of poly to it, but I'm going to decide later.

To see it hung on the wall and decorated, click here and here

My wall canvases also got an abstract coat of Old White, so the stenciling should be done sometime this week!

A little update on sweet Lydia: I started her on a homeopathic remedy yesterday (30c Lycopodium) and by her second dose, she was like a different baby...much calmer and able to lay there and look around at the world instead of crying constantly.  She was better all day today too, so I'm hopeful this remedy does the trick.  :)

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Wow, I am amazed that you even have time for painting with a newborn baby! You are wonder woman, indeed! I love repurposed bedsprings, yours was a lucky find. Free makes it even better:)

  2. Really.........Wonder Woman!!!

    I love the bed springs!

    Glad to hear Lydia is feeling better!


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