Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall-ifying, part 2

My birthday was on Saturday and one of the projects I wanted done was my family photo wall.  We had maternity photos done and then followed up with a photo shoot when Lydia was a week old.  

Wall Before:

Wall After:

Doesn't it look great?  The frames were on sale for $19 for the whole set at our local store.  They're not super high quality, but they look high end once they're on the wall.  The photo sits away from the glass, creating a shadow box look.

On the other hallway wall, I updated my crib mattress base with some simple fall items.  I added a berry swag and moved the bay leaf wreath in here.  I've still got to get something better for my front door since I prefer the wreath inside the house where it's one dimensional nature doesn't jump out at you.
I may do more with this, but for now I love the simplicity
I hope you have a lovely week.  I'm spending it in Anchorage since we needed to be here for another quick medical test for my husband.  We're hoping to spend some time at the coast seeing some glaciers!

1 comment:

  1. Wow I love the wall photos that came out nice.
    The drive is so pretty this time of year to ANC. We really loved Fairbanks. Take Care. Nan


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