Sunday, September 18, 2011

North Pole Mice

Okay, so this post won't be all about mice, but sometimes it's hard coming up with good titles.

We went to church this morning.  I was dismayed to find one of my church shoes filled with peas.  Peas from the garden.  I just dumped them out and we headed to church.  The kids denied putting them in my shoe, so when we got home, I decided to investigate further.  Each pea had little bite marks in it.  It looks like the mice we've seen once or twice under the deck are storing up peas in our shoes and the areas around the deck since I found more stashes.  Strange, but true.  So the deck has now been cleared off and will hopefully be devoid of any mice or rodents for the rest of year.

On to other things:

 After church we headed to Pioneer Park because I wanted to get new pics of the kids at a particular spot you can see in my new header ♥

The day was beautiful, and just perfect for photos. The bright day and crisp air was so refreshing.  Winter will be here soon, but we're just trying to soak up these last days of summer/fall.


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