Friday, September 16, 2011

Surviving in Anchorage

We decided to stay in Anchorage and just lay low today.  We went to Chuck E Cheese's (it's huge; 2 stories!) and then to Barnes and Noble for coffee.

Lydia is really struggling here, and so that means I am too.  Here teeth are really bothering her and I am so worn out.
She's drooling a ton, puking occasionally, crying a lot and not napping well.  So I'll do anything to keep her asleep. ANYTHING.  I'm afraid I'm not super nice to the kids when she is napping.  I just want everyone to be quiet so she can sleep.

At home I will put her in the wrap and just walk around the house if she's having trouble and is crabby.  But here, the little apartment is tiny and there is really no where to walk around inside.  She won't nurse if I'm sitting up, and if I don't have an hour or two to lay on the bed with her, she doesn't nap.  As I found out today, when I'm desperate, I will even resort to using her infant seat to get a nap in.

It worked well.  She took a 3 hour nap.  One hour being here at the room, and the other 2 were during a trip to Baskin and Robbins for ice cream and then just driving around checking out the area.  SO, I am THAT Mom.  The one that gently carries her stupid infant seat into the restaurant, store or supermarket, holding it the whole time (rarely by the handle) and gently rocking it, hoping her baby will just sleep long enough to get through the store.  My arms are tired, but my baby is rested.  And I don't care what anyone that sees me thinks.  

This baby has been a lesson in humility for me.  I have NO idea what I'm doing when it comes to parenting, ha ha.
It will be good to get home.  I'm praying she'll be more restful there where all is familiar.

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  1. *Hugs*, mama. It sounds like you are handling it all beautifully, with courage and grace, as usual. You inspire me ;)


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