Thursday, June 16, 2011

Time with Papa and Nana

 My parents are here for 2 weeks, so there has been lots of fun for the kids with Papa.  The best thing for Isaac has been that he learned to ride his bike without training wheels.  He is so excited.  He learned to get going on the grass, and now he can go around and around the house very fast.


There's lots of crying from Miss Lydia.  I think she has GERD (acid reflux) and a tongue tie, but we're still working out getting her birth certificate so I can take her into the Dr to get her frenulum clipped.  In the meantime, homeopathy is helping a lot.  I'm giving her 2 doses of 30c Lycopodium during the day and then 30c Chamomile right before bed to help with her frantic screaming she was doing in the middle of the night.  Dad and Mom are helping out with keeping her asleep once I get her there so I don't have to have her constantly nursing.

Nothing like sweet baby cuddles.  :)

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