Thursday, June 12, 2014

Come see the new Countertops!

The new countertops went on without a hitch!  They are really beautiful and I'm super excited to have it done.

Let's just get to the good stuff, shall we?

As I talked about in my other post, the counters had a lot of flaws going on.  I also really wanted my dishwasher mounted in well.


 The mess that was my dining room during the day.  I had to empty the countertops and all the lower cabinetry

 The old tops are off!

Halfway there

Excited kids

Pure gorgeousness. 

We gained a few inches on the right side of the island area and about 6 inches on the left side.  This is SO much nicer for the kids that sit there.

I LOVE the Black Pearl solid surface by Hi-Macs and how it looks.  They did a matte finish, so it's not shiny at all.
 I'm also loving my new sink.  It fits so many dishes and you can't even see the mess from the living room!  It's a way cleaner look.

The new faucet is really awesome.  I love how elegant my kitchen feels now.
I didn't take a pic of the new dishwasher, but it is so nice to have one again!  It's a huge bonus that it is as quiet as they claimed.  Awesome.

Here is the tile we've chosen to do our backsplash in.  I think it's going to look amazing.  That project is one I'm tackling myself and getting as much advice from YouTube as possible. 

Hopefully I'll be able to show you my tile job by the end of the month! 

Overall, I'm super happy about how the kitchen looks.  


On to crazier things, we're also putting new carpet in all the bedrooms (yay!).  It happened to work out that they can come out this week, so I'm trying to keep the chaos to a minimum by having them do the rooms on separate days.  

The carpet installer will be here tomorrow to do the bonus room/boys' bedroom and the stairs, so today I we have to get all the furniture out of there.  Next Tuesday, they'll be back to do the 3 main floor bedrooms and closets.   My life will be nuts until next weekend, but my house is going to feel so awesome when it's done that I don't care about the crazy!  Bring it on!!

So, my schedule -

This week -   Countertops and boys room carpeting

Next week -   Main floor bedroom carpeting, kitchen electrical projects (new garbage disposal and undercabinet lighting),  and paint Elsa's bedroom to prepare for a redecorating project

Next weekend - finish Elsa's redecorated room

The week after - Tile backsplash in kitchen

The week after that?  Start preparing for salmon fishing season.

I've got this under control...right?

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