Friday, February 7, 2014

Photo Roundup

After taking such a long break from blogging, it's hard to get back into it, so I'm going to start with posting my favorite pictures from the last month or two.

 The house at Christmastime.  It was a snug fit with adding 6 extra people for the holiday.  It's a good thing we all love each other!

 Baking in Alaska.  When there isn't room in the refrigerator, there's always the outdoor freezer. 
(I've heard rumors of moose eating fudge when cooling outdoors, so I just prayed they would survive intact)

 Snow on the peanut butter balls

The cousins all together for Christmas

Lydia showing everyone her "smells"...she's slightly obsessed with Scentsy

New Christmas Rocking Horse

The littlest boys all together

Snow Day

The "babies" with my sister.  These two kiddos, likely the end of our childbearing, are a week apart

My new "stag" decor.  I love it.

"Robot" Baby

Last, but not least, the joy of watching our beloved Seahawks win the Superbowl.  Everyone in the house is still on a high from the amazement that OUR team won the Lombardi Trophy.  It's been fun.

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