Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Content with being me

Hey all!  I haven't been on in a while.  It seems the more content I am in my life, the less I want to be online.  It's not as if I'm discontent when I'm blogging or reading other blogs, but my desire to be more present in the lives of my family is not just mental...I AM more present, without other distractions.

Contentment is an interesting thing, and I don't think I've ever been in this place before.  It's not a fleeting feeling, but a lasting one that leaves me feeling peaceful and calm more often than I am stressed and frustrated.  

I think about the pioneers and how their lives were.  They wanted to make a better life for themselves and those close to them.  They weren't focused on glory and accolades.  They didn't dwell on rumors of what others were doing and tried to emulate their own lives to be like that.  While they were in survival mode much of the time, they had basic goals; of raising strong and healthy children, of making their home a safe and warm place to be, to tend their land well so it would provide for them, to nurture relationships with those close to them.  

Our online world often disassociates us from those simple goals and I am yearning for simplicity.  I am rejecting the guilt that comes with not being online and connecting with the thousands of people I have links to.  I will get online to blog and read when I feel the urge to; otherwise, my laptop will be sitting prettily on the side table while I nurture the joyful contentment I feel each day.

While I do hope to be here more often, if I take long breaks between blogging, my real life must be getting in the way and I can't say that's a bad thing ♥  

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