Friday, December 20, 2013

Krav Maga level 3! And some thoughts on the mommy body

Last Saturday was a huge day for me.  I succeeded in passing the level 2 test for Krav Maga.  

(Here's a crappy cell phone pic I took immediately afterward with my testing partner.  Lorraine is another mama to 5 kids...she is inspiring)
Photo: Krav Maga test today! New level 2 graduates!!! So proud of us.󾬏

To recap: I started taking Krav Maga fitness classes at AKM last January.  My first class, I almost threw up and had to sit out the last 5 minutes.  But I went back, because I was hooked on the idea of getting into shape while learning self defense.

I attend Krav classes 1-3 times a week.  I tested out of Level 1 this summer and in August I began piggy-backing the classes. 1-2 of the nights I go, I hit the level 1 class, followed by level 2 for a two hour workout.   This means I am getting 3-5 hours of hard core exercise each week.  Fun exercise with benefits!

My level of endurance proved critical when testing out of level 2.  It is a very difficult and comprehensive test that takes 2 1/2 hours to complete.  This link from YouTube shows a snippet of what the test is like and you can see how it would be tiring. 

Now on to Level 3 classes beginning in the new year!  I'm so excited.  This process has been fun and rewarding.  
This blog post was inspiring for me.  I have children that are watching me intently, every single day.  The things I do, my habits and attitudes, the way I look at life...all influence their future behavior and habits.  

My goal is not to be the skinniest Mom around.  For me, that is an unattainable goal, or at least one that would consume me.  My goal is not to erase every mark motherhood and childbearing has made on my body (let me tell you, there are MANY of those).  

My goal is to use my body to the best of my ability.  To enjoy fitness and eating healthy, but not to make those things an idol.  I am learning to accept my body as it is even as I work to be a stronger woman.

This year I was hoping to lose 30 pounds.  I lost 23.  Since I'm at a plateau, my goal for 2014 is 10 more with 5 more in 2015.  This is realistic for me I think, but how I look is not the most important thing.  If I forever stay the same weight I am right now, I am ok with that. 

I want my kids to see their 36 year old Mama working through the pain of muscle soreness and aching knees to be able to go hard on the mat for 3 hours.  I want them to see me choosing to eat foods that fuel my body well, but also being willing to splurge and be excited about the pure fun of eating and cooking. 

I love that my kids are confident I will be able to take care of them and defend them during an attack should it ever come our way (heaven forbid).  They've seen my passion and focus and I pray that will pay off in the future for them as they find things they love to do.  Sometimes those things are hard, but in the end, they are worth the struggle.

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