Friday, February 21, 2014

I like it when my dishwasher is broken

It's true...I think I like it when my dishwasher is broken.

On Sunday while I was in the shower, my sweet husband decided to try and fix our dishwasher (which had been running continually post-wash).  If you knew my husband, you would know why I would have immediately advised against such a decision, but I was not in a position to intervene in time.

When I finished getting ready, I discovered dishwasher parts in various places in the kitchen.  Dave informed me he broke the handle switch while attempting to find the running issue.  This lead to an online search for parts.

I managed to find a used part on Ebay and it's on it's way to us.  I'm skeptical as to whether Dave can reinstall this switch and get it working again, but for $30, it's worth a shot.  Honestly, I was just proud he didn't break any parts due to getting mad during the repair.  He stayed calm the whole time. ;)

So, we have no dishwasher right now while we wait for USPS to bring our part to us.  And I like it.

I find that having to hand wash dishes forces me to calm down and take my time with chores.  It's quiet and soothing.  I stay up on my regular chores because I have to stop and do dishes 3-4 times a day (so the volume doesn't get away from me).   

The sink is typically clean nowadays

Even if my counter is cluttered (I'm obviously a fan of air drying)

It forces me to slow down, which oddly enough leads to other chores getting done more frequently.  Like the laundry.
Today, I will likely wash a sink full of dishes at least 3 times.  
I will also be getting caught up on some dusting and mopping

I have a bunch of ladies coming for a makeup party tomorrow night.  We'll have Younique Cosmetics, Scentsy and Thirty One bags as the vendors.  It's going to be fun, but the dust will not be allowed to stay and play.

Now I'm off to clean.  I hope your weekend will be a delightful one.


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