Monday, November 12, 2012

"World War" boys' room

Are you all ready for the boys' room reveal?  

 To see the before, click HERE

One day maybe I'll go over how I painted the 3 bookcases, but I'm rushed for time since we leave for Washington in 33 hours!
It's been a real process to get this space done.  First I added thin inexpensive trim boards approx. every 2 feet along three of the walls.  On the far window wall, I had my father in law and Dave put up a wide board to divide the wall.  The top part of that wall was a custom mixed paint (ie: random sample sizes with lots of different acrylic tubes of paint squeezed in until I was happy with the color)...I call it KC-135 gray.

 Then the rest of the walls were painted white.  I used an oops Valspar Premium in eggshell white (can't beat the $5 price tag!)

 I painted the room over the course of 5 different days, so I did it in sections.  It felt like it dragged on forever, but I'm SO happy with the finished product.

This room is the clothing and sleeping space for 3 boys as well as a playroom for all the kids.  My goal was to make it a little more cohesive in layout and also to have it feel crisp and bright.

They still love their green landing strip,so I left it intact.

 This is the "dresser" for all 3 boys and it works really well.  They also have some hanging space for dress clothes in a downstairs closet
I created a dress up/pretend area in this corner.  There are a couple of bins as well has hooks for their hats and dress up sets

I made these hat hangers by painting extra garden stakes and screwing in some hooks I had.

 The right wall was kept simple since there's so much going on in the rest of the room. I also kept their current bedding for cost and sentimental reasons.  If I'd had enough funds, I think gray or olive wool military blankets would have been awesome.  But these work great, so a change was not necessary.
The 2 posters are from Adin's DK books on the 2 world wars.  I had them each drymounted at JoAnns.

Adin chose to have this USAF Roundel on the wall.  I needed something to go on the other side of the window, so I was looking around at WWII propaganda posters and he came up with the idea of the star.  He wanted me to paint it myself, but I opted for Cafe Press, hehe.  It's a decal.

This bookcase came out great (the boys say it looks "World War two-ish") , but it was a real pain to create the finish on.  
I'm still planning to do the other 3 bookcases like this, but I need to rest up...maybe in January (or never)

On this side of the room, we created a reading nook.  It's SO fun to read and hang out here and all the kids are loving it.

I used Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint in Tricycle on these 2.  I love working with it, but both of them came out differently...I guess that's the fun of the milk paint, I just gotta embrace it.

These books are just a touch of what Adin has in his library.  Notice the completely worn out bindings...

The train table doubles as a game table for the bigger kids

"Hi, cute baby!" - 

To the left of Lydia are 3 more bookcases that still need painted.  They hold all the kids' toys and I forgot to get a photo of them.  

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of my boys' redone bedroom.  We're all pretty happy to have such a fun new space to spend time in.  

Now I'm off to Washington.  I might post while I'm there, and I might not.  Forgive me if I'm MIA since I'll most likely I'll be spending tons of time with family and friends...and going antiquing and shopping at Target, Pottery Barn and Ikea nearly EVERY day!  I can't wait to shop my little heart out (I even brought an extra suitcase to bring back all my goodies in!)

Happy almost Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. Thanks so much for linking to Make The Scene Monday at Alderberry Hill, you are being featured later today!

  2. Wow what a fantastic room you have created here! There is just no end to your creativity really I'm amazed at what you come up with. You are the perfect mother to have a large family!

  3. This turned out great! i love the little hat hooks!

    We've missed you at the Humble Brag and just wanted to let you know that we are starting a giveaway today for a SILHOUETTE CAMEO!! Hope to see you there!


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