Friday, November 5, 2010

My 3 sons ;)

Our house is a 3 bedroom with a bonus room above the garage.  We decided to put the boys up in the bonus room and make it a bedroom and playroom combined.  The tricky part of doing that is that the space has no storage. 

I had some cube storage made by a local woodworker who had great prices.  I was going to have him make the toy storage too, but he's apparently on Alaska time (a common issue around here).  Instead of the 2-3 weeks he promised to have my clothes storage made, it actually took him 7 weeks.  I didn't want to wait 2 more months (or longer) for the toy storage.  I found a great deal on bookcases at the local store for 50% off.  The quality isn't awesome (a little better than Wal Mart), but the price was great.  

Without further ado, here is the room for my 3 boys (ages 9, 5 and 2), and the playroom for all 4 (soon to be 5) kids

The quilts and sham are from Pottery Barn Kids.  I'm still planning to get wall decals with their monogram and full names to use as headboards above their beds (when my budget allows)

Little man got a special Thomas the Tank Engine pillowcases and duvet cover to encourage him to sleep in his own bed (he still sleeps with me half the time) 

The train table is a hit with all the kids 

The constellation chart is huge.  I got it on clearance from PBK 

This world map is extra cool because it's also a dry erase, so the kids can mark where Daddy is at when he's deployed or TDY 

There's no door to the room.  The half wall hides the staircase that leads to the main part of the house.  The plane on the wall is the one my husband flies here in AK

I'm loving the cube storage.  It easily fits the clothing of all 3 boys 

The boys had wanted a bright green room, but I just couldn't do it.  I did a green "landing strip" on the half wall instead 

Thanks for checking it out!  The kids love their new space (and so do I) 

P.S. - I just couldn't end this post without a pic of the kids that get to enjoy this room

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  1. I know jus what you mean when you say you couldn't bring yourself to paint it green. My son wanted a bedroom devoted to his football team - bright red!

    I did go for red accents in his room though. Not quite the same, I admit!

    I like your green stripe.

    Did you make those quilts? They're lovely.

    And NUMBER FIVE!? Have you said that before? You HAVE been busy!!!

    Congratulations. We've got four children and I'd love a fifth in a year ot two. Snap!!


  2. This is a wonderful space for the three boys I bet they are going to love it. I'm thinking the garage then is attached to your house if the stairs lead to the rest of the house. This is great when you have this many children isn't it. You did a wonderful job on the decorating and I bet it doesn't look all that neat at all times lol..the Thomas the Train set is so nice. I had those too for my Grandson's in the 80's and still have them here in a box. Not the whole set like you have but lots of parts and tracks, etc. They loved Thomas in their younger days. You better keep that for your grandkids it won't be as long as you think. Those kid years really fly when I look back you know.
    Yes I too know about Alaska time and getting things done, we work with that all the time !! Nan

  3. Great room! Love it ALL (especially the quilts). Beautiful "babies!" CONGRATULATIONS on number FIVE!!!!! :-) My two and shorter days down south wear me out - no idea how you do it all up there w/hubby gone.

  4. Functional, practical and reeeeally cute. It's a great space for the boys. You thought of everything!

  5. Oh, what lucky kids you have! That room gives me warm fuzzies. I imagine those little guys trying to sleep on the eve of all the great holidays. Your toy organization is awesome. That can be so tricky to make it look appealing AND be well organized, which you have done so well. I absolutely LOVE this room! It makes me wish my girls shared a room. Your children are precious, by the way.


  6. I always drool over the pictures on the PBK website where they line up three beds like that. I'm so jealous that you have the space to do it! Ok, so it would also be weird since I only have one kid, but I wouldn't put the idea past me if I had the space.... Thanks for popping in to my blog today!

  7. I love the boys room and I think it's so sweet they can all share like that! I'll bet they'll be close all their lives. They, and your little girl, are adorable! What fun are they in for!

  8. I love how organized everything is! And I want a train table like that.


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