Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What I've been up to

We had a fantastic holiday visiting the family in Washington and Oregon.  I spent plenty of money, gained 5 pounds and took a nice hiatus from Facebook and blogging.  It was good. 

Here are some pics from our vacation  
(excuse the photo quality, these are a mix of 4 different cameras and cell phones)

Visiting with friends

Playing with the cousins

Playing outside

Enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Oregon Coast and Tillamook

Spending lots of time with the Grandparents

My husband and I got to go on 2 great dates with my sister and brother in lawOne of them was to a Cinetopia for dinner and a movie
The other was to go shooting at a range.  We rented a couple of different kinds of guns as well as using my brother in laws' firearms

And then of course, shopping!

It was a blast to have a mall to shop at.  I'm kinda thankful I can't do that all the time.  It's more fun for the occasional treat.

My Mom went with us on one of the days ♥

I got my hair cut and colored for the first time since April.  I don't have anyone I trust here to do it, so I'm just willing to wait for my visits back home.

Since I'm growing it out, she just did some trimming and added layers and texture.  We did some highlights and lowlights as well as doing two sections of lavender.  I loved it, but the color washed out within a couple of days :( 

I went back in and she added true purple, which is REALLY dark and a little too "punk" for my taste, but it will fade with time.  I'm enjoying having a little bit of sassy fun in my hair!


We came back to Alaska with her snow and -28F temperatures.  These temps have been holding strong and gotten colder, hanging around -40F+, so the kids and I have only left the house one time in a week.  We're holed up, watching Christmas movies, doing school and small household chores.  It's been lovely.  We're so ready for Christmas. 


  1. So good to read a post from you. I was wondering where you had disappeared too! :) Have a great Christmas.

  2. Enjoyed this blog ~ looks like vaca was fun. Certainly pretty. I'm newish to your blog. Didn't realize you lived in Alaska! I'm here in IN & we've had unseasonably warm days for the past week or so...in the 60s/70s. I think that came to an end yesterday. Started out at 68 & dropped to 30 by the end of the day =P

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful time. I love all your family pictures. Taking a break is good sometimes, isn't it? xo Diana

  4. Nice photos glad to hear you had a great trip outside to visit family and friends. Yes those temps can really keep one inside. Our dogs can't be out long here and we're above zero in the single digits but it burns their feet. Yes I could do booties but it's a really big hassle to do 8 feet and then they come right off. I do hear we're going to get out of this high pressure front and get some snow so maybe you up there too! Take Care. Nan

  5. You must live in Fairbanks! Brrr...until yesterday it was about 22 below here (Butte - outside Palmer) for nearly a week and that was cold enough for me! Thank you for following my blog btw, I've been enjoying reading through yours :)


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