Sunday, December 9, 2012


I don't typically post about controversial things since I dislike drama, but I feel that this video lays out well how I feel about vaccines.

We do not vaccinate our children for a multitude of reasons, but this is probably the biggest one.  The children being born today are 2, even 3 generations into a vaccination schedule that has not been kind to their immune systems.

In our quest to avoid illness and viruses, we have created a scary monster that no one understands.  Parents like me aren't conspiracy theorists, we are scared of the world we're seeing around us. 

I beg you to keep an open mind as you watch this video.  I believe we need to demand the government get out of bed with the pharmaceutical industry and actually get into the business of our's what we're forced to pay them for, so we might as well get something good out of it.  

The tests need to be done, and until they are, you will not see me injecting my children with toxins in order to avoid disease.      


  1. Sorry I disagree Miranda. We have many illnesses that have resurged in our country that were once gone because of vaccinations. I am in the medical field and when you see teenagers die due to meningitis, or children having whooping cough, you see how vaccinations are an important part of taking care of our children. I don't feel we are in bed with pharmaceutical companies! I write prescriptions daily because I am a nurse practitioner, and no pharma rep will tell me how to take care of my patients! I use what medication is proper for my patient and what will be the right fit for them. I know you have your beliefs but I read blogs for enjoyment, and not political or religious beliefs, unless it is set up that way, and I choose to subscribe for that reason.

  2. Miranda, I feel like you do. Not one of my children has been immunized because I believe there is far too much controversy over the effectiveness of them and the possible/documented side-effects. I think it is a shame that more people don't stop to think about the choice before they make it. And I also think it is a shame that it is so hard to find good unbiased information. I think it is terrible that I am made to feel like a bad parent for making the agonizing decision that I would not vaccinate my kids. Thank you for this. I was told to reconsider vaccinating my 8 year-old son because of his heart condition - I will still decline due to this video.

  3. Carol, I totally respect your opinion and I understand it. I'm not sure if you watched the video, but it's not at all about the efficacy of vaccines (that's a completely separate issue). We're talking about the possible and completely unstudied side effects. It also never said all Dr's are in bed with the drug companies...I was speaking of our government. They are the ones that set the laws, ok drugs/vaccines and attempt to mandate their preferences to the rest of us. My sister is an MA and I've heard the other side of what you can and cannot tell the patients when they have a reaction. Even the CDC admits that only an estimated 10% of vaccine reactions are actually documented as such. And those are largely not neurological damage.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I appreciate your viewpoint. Parents that choose not to vaccinate are typically well informed and aware that our children can come down with diseases that other children are vaccinated for. We have studied these diseases and their treatments and are on alert for symptoms. None of us takes our decisions lightly...I know my children have had both chicken pox and whooping cough so far and I'm sure that won't be the last virus or infection they get.

  4. I really don't know much about this subject as I come from a time before a lot of these new shots. I have seen some about this on FB. On one hand the vaccines have saved thousands of children from death and on the other now we have a potential problem with the immune system. Whooping cough has been know to kill children and chicken pox can give you Shingles in later life (I ought to know) which is no fun at all. I don't know, what if the kids have to leave the US that requires shots as Bob just went though that last year. I suppose you could refuse. Polio is darn scary as I went through getting my vaccine as a young girl when a polio epedemic hit our town of Sacramento it was right around the time of the Salk Vaccine's arrival. We all felt blessed to have this to take as I have several stories of friends who fell victim to polio and either died or were crippled for life. The Rotary has been working to wipe out polio in the world and 99% of it has vaccinated. I'm thinking that vaccines must be one of those two edged swords.

  5. For reference, here's a link to an anti-vaccine article on Polio. It is a good start on looking into this subject as far as efficacy and redefinition of diseases.


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