Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Elsa's Room ~ Updated

As I've told you all before, I'm a chronic re-arranger in my house, and apparently the same issue applies to my blog. I've switched it a lot, so if you're a creature of habit, I'm sorry about my need for change.

I was having some technical issues with my blog design, and the blog designer that had done my previous layout hasn't responded to my requests for assistance, so I decided to scrap the old one and went with a pre-made design from Designer Blogs.  I can't recommend them highly enough.  I'm really happy with the prices and the service they provided, so if you're looking for to refresh your own blog, let them know I sent you over!


Speaking of change, I feel like I've done an update on my daughters room about every 6 months...not quite true, but I hope you're not bored with it yet.
If you want to see the way it looked before, click below:
The First Update
The Second Update

We got Sassy Plumage put into Elsa's room and we love it!  I'll just show you the pictures so you can judge for yourself.  

~I apologize for all the close ups,but my other lens broke yesterday, leaving me with a 50mm prime which isn't ideal for photographing small rooms ~

We moved her new desk (the chair is painted in Plumage also) under the window to better fit her American Girl stuff near her bed where it tucks in nicer

 My old baby dresser is now in Elsa's closet and it holds Lydia's clothes.

My daughter is thrilled with her new room setup.  I hope you love it too.

The colors are so Elsa, a little vintage, a little sweet, a little modern and very bright and happy.


  1. I like the new clean cut blog arrangement.
    The bedroom is fantastic, so neat and colorful and that dresser you made fits the colors so well. Nice job you are one busy Mama!!

  2. This room is gorgeous! I love the colors. My daughter also has dark blue furniture, which is probably why I love this so much. That headboard is adorable. Where are those curtains from? Love them! I'm a new follower... :)


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