Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Fun

We went to the fair yesterday.  The Tanana Valley State Fair is a great one to attend.  The people are really pleasant to be around, it's not too crowded and it's overall clean.  Love it.

The kids got to go on one ride each (at $5 a pop!), but they enjoyed themselves.

Elsa and Isaac chose the Sizzler.  
That was my favorite ride (it used to be called the Scrambler) when I was a little best friend Jessica and I would ride it over and over, laughing like crazy when we'd squish each other.  My kids were excited to try out Mommy's fav ride.

Ephraim chose to go on the Whacky Worm, the little roller coaster.  Isaac went with him for moral support.

It was so cute seeing Isaac with his arm around Ephraim the whole time.

Adin chose this cage of death...well, that's not it's real name, but that's how I felt when I got in it with him (also for moral support. Elsa was too scared and Dave gets sick on spinning rides)

It's been a good 12 years since I've been on a fair ride, but it was fun to get "back in the saddle".  

The best part was on our first turn around, with his knuckles white, Adin says "I have to show my bravery" followed by "I am such an idiot".

I was laughing the whole time.  I love this boy. 

Lydia rode in the wrap the entire 6 hours we were there.  It was a very good day.


Elsa and I found a great garage sale on Saturday.  It was a lovely german couple with beautiful gardens.

They were selling these fantastic boxes.

This beauty will be transformed with paint
I love the keyhole detail!

I fell in love with these military ammo boxes.   I'll probably just use them for decor purposes, but maybe I can even put them to good use.  They're heavy and just plain awesome.

The flowers are beautiful and growing like crazy.  I even have rogue ones from last year.

We have just a few more weeks of summer left it looks like.  For now we're enjoying the beautiful weather and summer sun.

I hope you also had a good weekend.  I am about 6 projects ahead of my blog posts, so I have lots to catch you up on.


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  1. Wow 5 dollars a ride, it's come up a bit since I was kid! I asked Bob and he thinks it was .25 which was not actually cheap to us then.
    As you may know I have my new car and I may drive up to FB when my grandson Dallas gets back to UAF. I wanted Bob to see the colors along the hwy this side of Denali. Now sure if I will do this or not but if we do I'd like to drop in and meet everyone.


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