Thursday, May 24, 2012

Primal "Sushi" bites for kids

We're continuing to expand the kids' palate's with a slant towards primal foods, and for the most part have been successful. 

Lunch is my hardest task since life is so busy and it's hard to stop and make them something they like.  We used to depend on sandwiches and macaroni and cheese, but those aren't in the primal repertoire. 

Here was our lunch today:  

Primal Sushi Bites

I don't need to describe the process for you, it's pretty easy.  All you need is:
Full Fat Greek Yogurt
Vacuum packed tuna fish (or cans...I just prefer the packs)
Salt and Pepper to taste
Seaweed Wraps

The kids were eating outside, so I put it on plastic dishware.  The little bites don't come out pretty since there's no starch to absorb the liquid, but they are yummy and super fast to make.

I accompanied the sushi bites with mini pickles and black olives

Happy Eating!!



  1. Amazing how well you are adapting to Primal. With kids it's hard because today's kids have so many products out there with sugar. You are finding a way around all of this and having so many to feed too is a challenge. Have you see this blog? she shows wonderful food and has two boys lives in SF, CA. It's called Nom Nom Paleo?? She also has a wonderful recipe app for the iPad if you have one, my son has it and loves it. Nan

  2. Your sushi bits look delicious! Nice to see kids enjoying such a healthy meal. :-) Nori is one of my kids' favorites....they love to eat the seaweed sheets just plain as a snack!


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