Monday, May 21, 2012

No appreciation

Craziness.  Projects coming out my ears.

I have piles of furniture filling up the garage waiting for customized paint jobs. 

There is an un-wired light sitting on my bathroom counter because I can't figure out how jimmy-rig the mounting setup (uniquely Alaskan done I'm sure).  

The guest room is in the midst of being turned into an office/guest room, so it's chaos in there.  

Some projects came out great (stay tuned for a fun reveal)

Others seemed okay at first, but ended in a frustrating disaster

So today I finally got one or two small things done.  

I hung some freshly created wall art and sent Adin in to take a look.  He comes back...

Me - "What do you think?  Does it look nice?"
Adin - "Mmmm hmmm.  But Mommy, I don't really care anyway."

It's so nice to be appreciated.  Or not.

~ Now you know why I blog ~


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