Sunday, May 27, 2012

Favorite finds

I'm going to start a new series of posts with the theme of thrifty or favorite finds.  It may be something from Etsy, Ebay, clearance items, thrift stores or garage sales.  

Today, my favorite finds were from garage sales.

We got a late start this morning since I was helping Dave install the new dishwasher (more on that later!), so Elsa and I didn't head out until almost 1pm.  I figured the sales would be worthless at that point, but boy was I wrong.  

We found some fun things, but the best part of the day was the people.  We met some truly beautiful souls today.  Really.  My heart is encouraged and uplifted because of them.  

My favorite was an older gentleman that was clearing out his garage on orders from his wife, haha.  I didn't buy anything (I wanted his vintage typewriter-alas, it was priced too high for my budget), but we visited for a while.

His mocha skin and slightly milky brown eyes are striking as he tells his story.  A Washington farm boy with an 8th grade education.  He left the farm and joined the Army.  They put him in the nursing program and eventually he got his LPN.  Some time later he obtained a degree in criminal justice.  Then he decided to be an Alaska State Trooper (for which they made him get his GED in lieu of a diploma).  He is now successfully retired with a lovely Italian wife...a man who is amazed at how the Lord has worked in his life.  He believes this place is where God has most blessed him and so he stays in Alaska rather than returning to his roots.  As my daughter and I leave he clasps my hand and says "Make sure you tell your husband what I said. God bless you".
The Lord surely did use that wonderful man to bless me today with his sweet spirit and loving heart.  


Back to the sales (which seem so trivial when you take out the human element, but this post is also about decorating, so here ya go!) : Elsa and I had a great day overall.  We came back home with a car load of finds and also some delicious BBQ ribs from Fred Meyer to eat for dinner.  Yummm!
Here is the best of what we found today.  

 You'll be seeing all of these things in future projects.  Most of them will be transformed in some way or another (let's hope I can find the time!)

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Have a wonderful Memorial weekend!  

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  1. Wow! Great finds! I agree with you about meeting people - it is one of my favorite activities...talking to folks!

  2. Well it's a beautiful day here in Homer, we don't get a lot of those! I believe God directs others to help us out or speak with us, etc I call them Angels but they are ordinary people in our lives that are working through God. I have met more Angels in Homer Alaska than I ever met in my life no kidding!!


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