Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finally Home

We made it home yesterday.  We are tired.

We drove 1,900 miles over 3 days from Oklahoma to Oregon and Washington.  Then we got to have 4 blessed days spent with family.  That was followed by 2,400 miles of driving over 5 days.  That Alcan highway is nothing to spit over.  It's tough.  Especially on the way back.  Leaving isn't so bad because you're fresh as you traverse the rough roads, but the way back home is grueling.

But we're home and life feels good.  The weather is beautiful, my house is peaceful and the kids are happy.  I have a lot of cleaning, organizing and laundry to do over the next couple of days and then I have some AWESOME projects I'm planning to tackle around the house.  Being away and spending time dreaming has really inspired me and I can't wait to start refreshing and painting.  But life has to happen first.  I hope you'll be patient with me...I think the wait will be worth it ♥


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