Friday, April 6, 2012

Little Man is 4

He's Four today.

What a trip these years have been!  

Ephraim is a ornery and tenacious little guy

The first 3 kids were so easy in their personalities.  
Ephraim has laser beam focus on what he wants to do and he doesn't appreciate anyone getting in his way or disrupting his process of creating
He has a great smile and an even better laugh

His eyebrows give a glimpse into his mood (I'm not kidding...beware the eyebrows!)

This kid is challenging and expanding our diplomacy style

We're loving the whole process.

We love you Ephraim Elias.  You are a gift beyond measure.

(Please play this's just beautiful and reminds me of my 2 younger little guys)



  1. Hope your little man has a wonderful birthday!!!!

  2. My goodness Miranda these photos are just stunning. I can see you are enjoying that camera and really doing well with it. HB to Ephraim you are a sweet boy and your family loves you I can tell. Nan


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