Thursday, April 19, 2012

These are crazy days...

The kids are enjoying being home
The snow is about 1/2 way melted, and the mosquitoes are already coming out, but being outside when it's 55 degrees is bliss...even in flip flops :)
I cleaned out the garage and finished unpacking everything, as well as running 10 loads of laundry (so far).

This stared me in the face all day

However, slow and steady wins the race, and so this has mostly been completed.  I also did some seasonal clothing and sizing re-organization at the same time, which added a bit to the chaos, but helps with my future chores.

Mostly I'm working on keeping up with a sweet little one that is fully mobile and very curious.  

Time for a baby gate

Dave has to go to Anchorage for the whole week on Monday, so we're thinking of going with him.  The kids aren't super excited, but I think they'll come around.  Somehow the 350 miles to get there doesn't seem like a big deal after the gauntlet we just drove.  My only reservation is that I won't be able to get to the decorating and gardening projects for an additional week, but since it'll all still be here when we get back...hmmm.

There is a Target there after all...and real Starbucks...yep, I'm sold.  We're going...probably.



  1. Welcome Home Miranda what a long trip with that many kids it much have been a challenge. I personally do not like long drives. Yeah I think you should so to ANC why not break up your return to Alaska life.

  2. snow...yikes. I have heard about those mosquitoes...double yikes, Your children are adorable. Have a safe trip and enjoy that Starbucks!
    Blessings, Joanne

  3. This made me smile because: 1. It looks just like what our kids would do with the strollers in the snow in flip flops and pj's and 2. It looks just like what our house looks like on occasion when the laundry is out-of-control and I am doing the seasonal and sizing reorganization, just like right now! I am glad to know I am not alone.


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