Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Party in my Heart

My computer's internal charger broke 2 days ago.  I had to wait until after the holiday to get it fixed.  It was a little disconcerting to feel so out of the loop.  I know I'm a computer addict, but I depend on it so much more than I even realized.  Research, shopping, phone numbers, and of course social networking, emails, etc...

So, we headed to town today to get it fixed.  On the way I realized I didn't see my wallet on the seat next to me.  I pulled over and looked.  No wallet in the car.
We went home.  The kids looked through the car while I looked through the house.  No wallet in the house.  So I unloaded the kids and our plans for a trip to town and computer repair were over.  I was feeling upset.  

As we were looking, Adin says "I prayed.  God will help us find it.  Did you pray Mommy?".  No, I hadn't.  Sometimes I don't. Sometimes I don't think it's necessary.  I can do it on my own...I don't need to bother God.

So, feeling chastised (unintentionally) by my son, I stood alone in my garage and prayed for God to help me find my wallet.  Without my wallet, we cannot buy anything.  I cannot drive.  I cannot get onto the base to pick up my husband from his deployment.  I need help.

I stood there trying to stay calm.  And then I looked through the car again.  I found it in a weird but safe spot.  And I am humbled.  And then I cry (lightly, because I don't like to give into the emotion).  We all reload in the car, thankful.  And Adin says "God helped us find it".  And I cry a little more.

And then as we drive down the road, my sweet Elsa says "Mommy, I feel like there's a party in my heart".  I smile and laugh at the accurate statement.  

The words of a child are so honest, and pure and without inhibition.   Again I am humbled and feel so blessed at the gift from my Lord of these children to me.

They are amazing.  I've always felt like my heart was aching with love for love at certain times, but I think I prefer Elsa's description now.  They make me feel like I have a party going on in my heart every day. 

In other news, Lydia is nearly crawling.  She's getting around a little on her own, and it's so fun to see.

She's also eating little snacks and loving it.  Every bite is accompanied by "mmmm-mmmm" and big smiles.
 She still doesn't nap on her own unless she's in the car.  But I am enjoying these baby days as I know they're all too fleeting and soon she'll barely tolerate long cuddles.

The kids are loving the chalkboard.   Today was the first day I let them break out the chalk and they are in seventh heaven.
Elsa's picture is showing our new fish (the one we haven't gotten yet).  
I liked her sense of style, with the cute boots, modern lamp and oh-so-fabulous side table  
(I think I'm going to need to get one like that!  You know, for the fish's sake).  
Adin is back into learning about the Titanic (appropriate for the 100th anniversary since it was sunk).  His attention to detail is fun to see.
 HAPPY 2012!


  1. Hi Miranda,
    I have had that exact same thing happen to me, misplacing an item, then giving up and praying about and finding it where I was looking all the time but didn't spot it. I almost get into a panic searching if the item contains my license and credit cards.
    Lydia is turning into a real little cutie. I see how cold it is up there you must really burn the heat. My grandson isn't due back until Jan 17th to class. Take Care Nan

  2. Ok....I came over...Mel

  3. What a sweet baby girl! Do you have to carry her in the sling for her to sleep? Mine will only sleep in his swing..not sure what I will do when he outgrows it! Was following your other blog...moved on over to this one now!
    All the best,
    Rachel :)


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