Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Alaska State Fair

We went to the fair with Dave's parents last week.  It's a fantastic fair and we all had a great time.  Lydia slept on me in the wrap for the whole 4 hours we were there.

The kids road this cute caterpillar roller coaster.  But when they got back, then Ephraim decided he wanted to go. So Papa took him.  It was pretty funny to see Papa's white hair sitting high in the seat at the front of the caterpillar

We saw the animals

Elsa and Ephraim (once again being brave) rode horses

And then Dave and Chuck decided to ride the big 'ole scary slingshot ride
This picture is how they looked the whole time.  Chuck had a death grip on the handles, Dave didn't hang on to anything.  I think I'd have been crying.
Think I'll tackle that "fun" ride on some other day

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