Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Subway Art Reveal and tutorial

I'm finally coming out of my newborn stupor.  Lydia has slept by herself only twice for longer than 30 minutes, so my free time is rare.  BUT it's getting better and I was able to get my subway style signs done.

This theme is a sentimental one for my family.  Since my husband and I started dating 13 years ago, we have movie night with french Bread, gourmet Cheese, Turkey Sausage and Wine for dinner.  We eat at the coffee table and just relax.  We've continued this tradition with the kids (sans the wine...they have soda pop), so hence the cheese and bread theme for this project.

Okay, for the tutorial:

I purchased a 2 pack of 24x36 canvas for $24.99.  I painted them with a coat of Annie Sloan chalk paint in old white.

Then I used my Dad's measurements to stencil the words in 3 sizes
Much of this whole project was done while I was wearing Lydia OR me sneaking out of bed at 3am to work on it (seriously) 
 Then it hung on my wall for another month like this
And then it looked like this for a few more days while I while I worked at getting the outlines filled in.  I had planned on painting the stencils so I could distress it.  I ended up using black permanent markers for expediencies sake.
 The delay drove the kids nuts (my OCD tendencies are rubbing off on them I guess)

I dry brushed more chalk paint over the words
Then I went back over the whole piece with charcoal toned acrylic paint,dry brushing it on
And Finished!  The pellet stove in the corner is being replaced next month and will have a stove pipe going up on the right side of the corner
I'm loving the finished product.  I wish I'd had a silhouette machine, but this route worked out well overall. 

24x36 Canvas (2)
Creamy chalk paint
3 sizes of stencils
Permanent markers (2 med, 2 lg)
Charcoal or black chalk paint
Paint brush

Total for both canvases: Approx $45

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  1. Look at you and that little sweetie working!

    Great signs! You did a really great job!!

  2. It looks wonderful! I love the words you used. They really make the piece!

  3. I'm love, love, loving these!!! And, even better is the special meaning behind the bread and cheese theme :) Personally, I like wall art like this much better when it's done by hand vs. using a machine. It gives it that perfect one-of-a-kind feel. Great job :D


  4. Lovely! I love the worn effect you used on the boards! Great job. The photo of you wearing your baby made me smile. I have several of those...wearing baby while I do dishes, vacuum, move laundry around...sigh.... ;)
    I'm having a Shabby Apple dress giveaway---I'd love for you to check it out!

  5. This is a super fun subway art project...I especially like the bread! New follower.
    504 Main
    DIY Club

  6. Great job! I love Subway/personalized wall art. :)


  7. What a great project! Thanks for linking up to my party! Happy New Year!


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