Monday, August 15, 2011

A little veggie fun

Dave's parents left Saturday after a 3 week long visit.  We had a great time together, and I have lots of photos to share, but since I don't have much time today, I thought I'd do a quick one on a fun project they did together.

Chuck and Sue have fun books that the kids love, and so they usually brings them on their visits.  This time, they actually made some of the animals suggested in this book

We ended up missing some of the items we needed to do an accurate job, but the kids were thrilled nonetheless

Snowman Mushroom

Watermelon Turtle (peppers were just too expensive this time, so it's a sad looking turtle)

Cauliflower Sheep

Lemon Pig

All are still sitting on the counter waiting for Daddy to get home tomorrow to see it in person!

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