Sunday, September 26, 2010

Boys room early reveal

I know the family has been wanting to see what I've been doing this week.  The boys room is mostly done.  The color came out a little blu-er than I would have liked, but since I was using Oops colored paint and then tinting it myself, I'm not surprised.  But I painted the room for $7.50, how could I lose?

Elsa's mattress is up there right now because I start painting her room this week.  I'm still on track for painting and organizing 1 space a week.  So far, so good!

This is the view going down the stairs.  The gray is my living room and hallway color.

The boys wanted a green room.  I wasn't willing to do that, but I did give them a grassy green stripe (or grass landing strip) along the short wall.  I still have some hand trimming to do to get the stripe cleaner looking, but I like the concept and the boys think it's fun.  (You can see the downstairs on the right.  The room has a true loft style feel)

Adin's bed, then Isaac's, then Ephraim's.  Tonight is little man's first night sleeping in his own bed in a room not with me!  I hope it goes well.

Elsa's bed and the future toy organizer wall.  I'm hoping to fit a train table for Ephraim there where Elsa's bed is.

LOVE this.  I got it on clearance at Pottery Barn Kids months ago.  It's 6 ft wide.  The kids think it's pretty fun.

Final Views.  There is still a lot more to do.  I have some more stuff I will be hanging.  I still need nightstands and side table lamps.  Their cube-style clothing organizer should be built (by a local woodworker) by next week.  That will be going along the short wall there.  Then he'll start the work on the toy wall organizer.  I am so excited to get it all done. 

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