Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall in Alaska

It's been a really wet summer here from what I've heard from the locals.  We have had fantastic weather the last month with temps in the 60's and 70's.  I don't like the heat of summer at all, so I've been enjoying the fall like weather.  Going from 106 degrees in OK, to 65 degrees in beautiful Alaska has been pure bliss.

 Nothing like the crunch of falling leaves. 

This week the temp has turned and we're hearing rumors of possible snow next week.  As I brace for the feeling of the unknown dark long winter, we took some time to take a walk on base and look at their static display.  It was gorgeous out there and I was enjoying the true chilly fall weather.

In the last couple of days, nearly all the trees have lost their leaves.  The cold nights have frozen a lot of the beautiful flowers.  This little guy was the only one of his group to be hanging without looking wilted.

This a super fast glimse of what fall is like here.  It goes straight from summer to winter.   I have much enjoyed it while it's lasted.

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  1. It's colder up where you are Miranda than down here in Homer. It's amazing the difference of being so far south as we are. We are in what they call the banana belt of Alaska.


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