Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So much to post, so little time

Gosh, where can I start? I haven't blogged in a few days because we've been so busy visiting family. We had a great visit, and the time passed all too quickly.   I'll do a quick pass through of the last couple of days.

Getting into Oregon was such a relief. The weather cooled down and was so clear and "Northwest feeling" I love this area.  There is just nothing like it. 

And then into "cow" country.  Tillamook, where the famous cheese is created http://tillamookcheese.com/

LOVE this barn

Spending time with 1 set of cousins

Saying goodbye to them :(  we went on to Washington to see the rest of the family.  First up, Dave's grandma.  "GG" to the kids.  It was wonderful seeing her.  She's a lovely lady and we enjoyed spending time with her

Isn't she pretty? She's still feisty at 89 yrs young.

Elsa's highlight that day was catching a teeny tree frog.  It was so cute! (of course we let it go, but I had to take pics for the memory)

We spent time with both sets of grandparents (nice of them to take a family pic of us)

We stayed with my sister and her family.  The kids had an awesome time, but I was so busy shopping and getting my nails and hair done, I didn't get any good pics of them playing.  Love being near a city with good stores!!

And more group pics we try and do when we're together....
Amber's tan kids and my pale ones....

And finally, we were off!!  We spent our first night in Canada tonight, but I've crammed so much into this post, Canada can wait until tomorrow!

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  1. Great pictures! Looks like you are having a great time!


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