Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Had to post a Rave!

I hadn't planned on posting anything on this blog while we're traveling, but I just had to post about the place we're staying tonight.  It is awesome!!  It's in Prince George, BC on a sweet character filled Ranch. 
NORTON RANCH   (I don't have the right lens on my camera for far away shots, so some of these are crappy looking, sorry)

Rustic Charm at it's best.  The kids are in heaven.

It has a great name "The Livery" or "Cowboy Cabin".  It has 2 twin/full bunk beds and a queen bed

The view out the front door

View out the back door to where the horses can come right up to the door
After the hostess/owner greeted us, we found this on the table
Homemade warm cinnamon rolls with a lemon glaze.  Mmmmmmmm!

And the pantry area

With an oh so soft cowhide rug (tail included)  The kids think that's the coolest thing.
My husband was so impressed by how cozy it is, and I had to note to him that it's the simple dark painted floors and the white wood paneled walls that make it so very awesome.
Vintage mixed with modern pieces (like the painting over the buffet) make this place unique and peaceful.
What a nice respite from a long trip.  2200 miles down, only 1650 to go.   I'll be at my new house on Sunday!!

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  1. Looks lovely! Very rustic and peaceful. Have a wonderful time!


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