Saturday, August 28, 2010

Almost there

We're in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada.  We got here at 11:30 last night.  Internet access has been really patchy at all of our stops.  That, combined with a tired family, does not lend to posting much.  I don't have photos loaded, so I'll have to do that sometime next week when we get internet access. 

We decided to go for it and will be getting to our new house tonight!  That makes for two nearly 600 mile days in a row, but I think it will be worth it.  Often it's super slow going because of the constant construction.  550 miles takes over 12 hours!  Add in 1 hour for lunch, dinner and 2 bathroom breaks and that's not much time out of the car.  The winding roads can be an issue too, as well as the wildlife.

Yesterday was our best day for seeing animals.  We saw 2 very young caribou, a mama black bear and her cubs, a mama moose and her 2 babies and numerous herds of buffalo.  The latter were a great surprise.  I didn't know they would exist that high up, but they sure are.  There are a lot of buffalo crossing signs around.  Thank goodness they're not hard to miss...they are huge!

The beauty is incredible.  There isn't a way to accurately describe it.  It goes on and on and on, and makes you feel very small. 

I have been surprised at the small glimses of homesteading or oasis that are often set up in the middle of nowhere.  The place we stopped at for lunch was an RV park/Laundry/8 room lodge/Restaurant/visitor center, all combined.  You see those a lot.

I loved going through British Columbia, with all the tall mountains and steep hills and trees.  But just before Yukon Territory is an awesome highway carved from the hills that took our breath away.  The rocks and glacier water that surrounds it is amazing.  I have some photos, but they cannot begin to capture what it is like to be in that setting.  It's so very big, with every hill topping another vista, another view, another breath stealing scene. 

It's all so stunning, I don't even read in the car because I might miss seeing something even more lovely than the last scene.  These areas of Canada have so many trees and hills and are constantly surrounded by water...beautiful lakes, rivers and creeks. 

There's my little update.  We have a mercilessly long day ahead of us today.  We're going to swing through Wal Mart here in Whitehorse and grab what we can for sleeping on our homes floor tonight.  And then we're off on another adventure. 

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