Thursday, September 2, 2010

We're finally here!

We made it to Alaska on Saturday night to our new house.  We were not disappointed at all.  There's a bit of a lack of storage, but the layout and quality of the house, as well as the setting, are perfect for us.

Despite my paying to have the house deep cleaned, it was still in major need of a clean.  I spent 3 days doing that along with spending a lot of time at Fred Meyer (my favorite all purpose grocery store) and Wal Mart (the nicest one I've ever been in) gathering enough items to survive until our stuff was delivered.  Sleeping on the floor does not leave me well rested.  Yuck.  Nor do I love eating while sitting on the floor.  I guess I'm a snob that way ;)

Our delivery arrived yesterday night though and so I've been spending lots of time getting things set up.  There were a few disappointments as far as how my dream items fit into the house, but overall I love everything.  The house trim and walls all need repainting, so I'm brainstorming on that too.

I'll have lots of post updates in the coming weeks, but for now, I need to try and wrap my brain around the enormous task of unpacking all those boxes sitting in my garage.....

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations! So glad to hear you've made it there safely! Can't wait to see pictures. :-) Have a great night.


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