Saturday, July 17, 2010

More finds!

I sent my sister to TJ Maxx in Portland to check out a tip from Layla at the The Lettered Cottage.  When Layla redid the Sand and Sea Bedroom  for the Screened In, she told her readers about a 4x6 indoor outdoor rug for just $39! 

So, my faithful sister dragged her kids to TJ's and found some great things.

She got me the rug in Navy blue and cream ticking stripe.  I will use it either in the kitchen or the boys room.  She also got me 2 runners and smaller mats in the Black and Cream stripe.

Here are some pics she took for me.  They're outside my storage units and she staged some of them, just for fun!

Isn't the rug great? The chairs will be going in my Living Room. 

The fabulous lamp and shade she found at TJ Maxx also. The are a crackled mirror material for the base and will work great in my master bedroom (or maybe the living room, I'm flexible).

See the black ticking runner?  Awesome huh?  These lovely chairs she just couldn't pass up.  We decided to replace the 2 white slipcovered armchairs I got from Ikea for the dining table with these.  They'll go great with my dining chandelier. 

I only have 2-3 more weeks here in Oklahoma before we start the long drive to Alaska.  Then I can finally start setting up the new house.  I think I'm mostly excited to see (IRL) all the awesome finds I've only viewed online and in photos.  It will be great!


  1. those chairs are fabulous! What a great sister :) Love the rug as well, such a great deal! Enjoy your time!

  2. You are so cute with the "staging" in the storage area! I LOVE your chairs. Thanks so much for your very sweet comments on my faux zinc dresser! I see that you're following me, too. Always happy to meet a new friend!


    I'm posting the tutorial tomorrow.

  3. I love your storage unit set decorating!
    Wow, I can't even imagine driving to Alaska! Have fun and be safe. :-)


  4. Hi, visiting for the first time. I love the white chairs and have been looking high and low for something similar. The furniture selection in my city is pretty slim.

  5. Karen, I got the chairs at a discount warehouse because the fabric was dirty. They came from JCP|70827

    Also, watch - They often have cool stuff like that.


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