Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dreaming of Inglenooks....

I love looking for fun stuff on Craigslist.  Today while I was looking around, I found this this beauty...

Isn't it stunning?(It was on Portland, OR craigslist if you're wondering)  Besides making a darling breakfast nook, it would be perfect to make a freestanding "Inglenook".  I'm a huge Inglenook fan.  I've always wanted one. Perfect for just chatting, playing games, reading, writing or just relaxing.  Inglenooks are designed for togetherness, not around media or tv, and I always feel peaceful when I look at one.  Personal decorating and design is all about how you feel when you look at or spend time in that space.  Though I wasn't able to find any photos like the awesome ones I used to have in my "home planning book", here are a few examples. 

This one is from a rental property I found on a google search.  Inglenooks can take on whatever look you prefer.

I snagged a couple of these images from Things that Inspire

I really like this one - linked from Fine Home Building

Adding a table to the middle of the inglenook adds a lot more function to the space...which is why I love the set from Craigslist.  Here is a plan including a table I found on my search.  This is the type of space I would build if I could.  I would put a small tubular style stove that is the hallmark of modern inglenooks."

While an Inglenook is traditionally designed around a fireplace or wood stove, you could make one even if you lack that cozy feature.  

Someday I plan to have the space to put one into our house.  Are you an Inglenook fan?

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