Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kitchen lighting has been chosen

The dining room chandelier was the first thing I purchased for the new house.  It embodies the modern romantic style I want for the house.  It doesn't really go with the gustavian style I am also going for, but I'm hoping I can marry the two together to create my own special brand of style.

Here is the light that is going over my farmhouse table (I still have to build it, yipes)
Isn't it lovely?  I think it has just the right amount of sparkle.  The lines are clean and organized, which I like.

The pendant lights for over the sink and island I struggled with.  Price was a huge factor (under $50 since I needed 3 of them), so that limited my selection.  I wanted it match the chandelier, but not be too fussy.  I think I found a good one to accomplish my goal. 

It reminds me of a vintage petticoat style...

What do you think?


  1. I love what you've picked, great choices! :-)

  2. That is a gorgeous chandelier - I love a little sparkle mixed with a shade.

  3. In LOVE with that light, it's going to look fabulous!! XO

  4. That first one is stunning! So glamorous.


  5. Miranda that's a beautiful light. You're very smart to be shopping for your home before coming up here. Things are over priced as I'm sure you've already been told. We do a great deal of shopping when we leave also.

    I think you can pull of the mixing of styles. I can completely picture it. It will be lovely


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