Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A better bargain than I knew!

When my sister snagged those chairs at the scratch and dent store, I didn't realize that most of the items were straight from JCP!  We knew they were decent quality, but didn't know retail value.

Avalon Accent Chair - I bought two of these beauties for my living room (or wherever else they fit)
Retail:    $799.00
On Sale: $399.00
I paid     $126.00

Tufted Ottoman for my master bedroom
Retail:    $479.00
On Sale: $249.00
I Paid  $99.70
And this next one is not totally in the style I want.  But decorating on a budget means allowing for style adjustments.  I haven't seen it in person of course, but I'm thinking this could be a possible painting project (cream?) with some sweet feed sack slipcovers (or upholstery) on the stool seats to vintage up such a modern piece.  Either way, it will add great function to my small living room!

Wood Cocktail Table with stools It's 40", so it works scale-wise with the curvy sectional

Retail:    $799.00
On Sale: $399.00
I Paid:   $126.00
I'm pretty sure I couldn't be more excited.  What a great find.  Thank you to the Warehouse that advertised on Craigslist.  And thank you Craigslist for being such a valuable resource!

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  1. Wow, those are great finds! Love your blog. nice little place you have here!


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