Friday, January 15, 2010


My own cleaning challenge started in the Master Bath. I do not do all of this every month, usually it's only 3-4 cleaning products, but for this top to bottom challenge, I use these cleaning products:

Bleach for the bathtub
CLR for the shower
Window cleaner for windows and mirrors
Simple Green for the floors, cabinets and baseboards.
Disinfecting (like clorox) wipes for the toilet, door handles and light switches
Abrasive cleaner for the toilet
Swiffer long handled duster for dusting and cobwebs (I've found the generic ones don't work as well)

The bathrooms are the biggest cleaner heavy project.  I prefer to use more natural cleaners when possible, but when it comes to the germs in bathroom, I want it really clean.  Vinegar is a great cleaner, but the smell makes me feel ill, so I avoid that at all costs.  I started at the top, moved from one side to the other and ended with mopping the floors.  I waited to clean the shower until the next morning when I was ready to get into the shower myself.  This is multi-tasking and I find I'm able to get the shower a lot cleaner if I'm not worried about my clothes.  The other bonus of this is that I keep the bleach and shower cleaner away from each other so they're not used at the same time.  When they are used at the same time, the chemical smell is horrible and dangerous, so do not mix!

One of the things I do normally is leave toilet bowl cleaner and a container of disinfecting wipes in every bathroom (I have 3) so that it's super easy to grab them and do a quick scrub on the toilet.

Tomorrow I'll talk about the Pantry and Walk in closet.  That will be shorter and I'll use a lot less chemicals ;)

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