Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cleaning/Decluttering CHALLENGE!

I started this today with some friends on Facebook, but I thought I'd blog about it here.  I'm going through my house section by section and room by room to get it organized and clean.  I am a "section" cleaner.  It's hard for me to get my house as clean as I want it if I go through and clean all in one day.  In fact, it's not really possible to have a truly clean house in just one day unless your house is tiny and/or you don't have kids.  I do, so I tackle it a little at a time.  While I do this, I don't ignore the picking up of the rest of the house, but I don't stress about the details of other rooms, I just pick them up...I will get to those areas eventually.  Once a space is clean, KEEP IT CLEAN.  Don't let clutter and mess settle back into those rooms.  If your kids are old enough, make them help with picking up mess.  They don't have to be on their hands and knees cleaning a toilet, but they can keep a room orderly.

So, right now I'm separating the house into "rooms".  I will deep clean one room a day.  Rooms can be whatever you want them to be...a large closet, an entire bedroom, the whole kitchen, or just 1/2 a kitchen.  You can begin wherever you want.  I usually start at one end of house and work my way through, leaving the kitchen until last.  I do this just because once my main living and kitchen are clean, I start to justify leaving the rest of house "until tomorrow", which never comes.  The key with this challenge is that you do the WHOLE room by the time you're done.

Dusting/Remove cobwebs (don't forget light/ceiling fans)
Floors cleaned/vacummed
Disinfect/wipe down of all wipeable surfaces
Windows washed (if you're not too overwhelmed, wipe down the tracks)
Blinds vacuumed (this works better than washing them)
All bedding/curtained washed
Most importantly, the closets organized, decluttered and wiped down

This is a great time to keep a notebook with you and mark down any repairs/projects that need done like filling in nail holes/painting, broken trim etc...

I started this project yesterday.  I did the Master Bath. It is really nice.  I'm loving it.  Today my job is the walk in closet.  I'm dreading doing it.  My procrastinating nature is begging me to not follow through.  I plan to perservere, even if it means I'll be in there at 10pm tonight.  Ugggg.  I will envision how it will look and feel when I'm done, and that will keep me going.

I figure even with 2 days off for rest *this is Sunday for me* the house will take me about 15 days to get through.  At that point I'll go back to my normal cleaning schedule, but I will be starting with a cleaner slate. 


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