Saturday, January 16, 2010

CHALLENGE- Day 2 and 3

So, I'm going to condense 2 days into one post.  NOTE:  Your best friend when cleaning well is a great vacuum with handheld suction.  I have a central vac and I LOVE it.  Dave hates the long cord, but I love how clean I can get everything.

Day 2:
Organized and wiped down all the shelves in the Pantry
Tossed out stale and outdated food
Mop tile floor

All I used for this is Simple Green concentrate in a bucket of water.

I have a walk in pantry, so I also use it as a butlers pantry to hold my large cooking gadgets.  This is a great time to dust the rarely used ones, and clear out the ones I never use.  Also, things tend to get put in there that don't belong, so it's a great time to relocate those to their proper place.


Also on day 2 I tackled 1/2 my walk in closet.  We don't have dressers, so our clothes are either hung up or folded on shelves.  I did Dave's side first.  It was gross.  Simply completely cluttered and DUSTY.  Ick.  Starting at the top, I took out all the clothes from the shelves.  Then I vacuumed and wiped out all the shelves with Simple Green.  After removing the stuff to donate or throw away, I put it all back in a much more orderly way and marveled at how half my closet looked!

Day 3:

Complete the other half of the closet - My side was not nearly as bad as Dave's side since I tend to go through mine more often.  Then I vacuumed the floor.  SIMPLY BLISS.  I love my closet!

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