Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cleaning Challenge: Day 4

So, here I am typing about 3 days in 1 night.  I must be a bi-polar blogger.  I either ignore it altogether and don't post for weeks, or I'm manic.  Sheesh.

Okay, so today I decided to tackle 2 rooms.  This reason was because I am technically behind since I didn't get much done yesterday.  And I want to take tomorrow off (mostly, but more about that later).  The playoffs are negotiation.

First up, my Master Bedroom.  This tends to be really dusty because we spend so much time in there.

I started at one corner and worked my way all the way around the room.  Cleaners I used were my trusty vacuum (of course), Simple Green and a foaming window cleaner.

I also cleaned out my sewing/fabric cabinet
(I realized I have some awesome fabrics in there!  Hopefully I get some time to sew in Alaska)

Methodically vacuumed blinds
Washed windows
Wiped down baseboards
Vacuumed and wiped down ceiling fan
Removed and washed all bedding
Wiped down nightstands and Ephraim's Dressers
Vacuumed floor

All ready to crawl in tonight...ahhhh

Next up was the TV room.  For this I needed the vacuum, Simple Green, foaming window cleaner and diluted Murphy's Oil Soap cleaner for the wood and wood floor.

Washed the curtains
Vacuumed blinds and washed windows
Vacuumed and wiped down ceiling fan
Moved the couch, rugs and side tables to vacuum and mop


That's all folks.  Tomorrow is football and rest.  Of course I'll still be keeping up on laundry, but I'm going to go through and sort all of our videos and DVD's and make them into a more reasonable collection.  I can do this while I'm watching football, so I am technically resting ;)  I'm not planning on putting together a post for tomorrow.  I will refrain from my manic behavior for at least 1 day.  My husband will be relieved.

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