Thursday, April 10, 2014

More changes in the Living Room

How does time get away from me so quickly?!  It's been a good month since I've blogged here and it feels like just days.  

I guess I may have been a little busy...since I blogged last, 2 of my kids have had birthdays, we had Dave's parents here for 2 weeks and I got to sneak away to Hawaii with Dave for 3 days (kid free)!  It's been eventful, but I do miss getting my posts in. 

How have you all been?

Since I'm getting ready to embark on my spring cleaning and rearranging time, I'll show you my current living room set up.  This is what it looked like before.


Now we have a wood stove and our living room is a little more functional than before.  I found this fabulous Fair Isle wool rug at Pier One.  It was a great value (with the coupon I used) and I love how it feels in this space.   The shape gives me more versatility than I had with the rectangle shaped carpet.

This precious little monkey didn't want to be out of the room when I took these, so I just went with it 

 The buffet has been relocated for the wood stove space and I really like having it in the Dining Room.  The light is reflected in the mirror and the dresser actually gets used here in this location.

 The view from the kitchen

 When I was ordering the Fair Isle rug at Pier 1, I happened to find this lovely striped rag rug on sale.  It was a match made in heaven for my kitchen!  The red stool is from Pier 1 as well since I needed a seat at the island for Lydia now that she's big enough.

A final look with no little one photo bombing

I hope you like the changes I made in here.  I know we're loving them. ♥

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