Sunday, July 14, 2013

Amber's Sheep

My sister added Icelandic Sheep to her little homestead this year.  They're a heritage breed and are just awesome.  We went out to visit them and I got some cute pictures.

The chickens and ducks are so excited to get visitors...well, I think they're more excited about the prospect of food, but I like to think they're happy to see me.

The ducks are so awesome

Since the sheep are new this year, they're still a little distrustful of their new owner.  Amber has to go slow and calm to keep them happy. 

This is Penelope and her twins boys.  These two will be going back to Penelope's last owner once they are weaned...yes, she's still nursing them, and it looks a little painful, haha.

 My nephew Simon is a big helper and he loves to be out there with the animals.

Penelope loves graham crackers, so that's how they are able to get her to come.  She's still wary of petting, but she'll take a cracker ♥

Luke is their 9 month old border collie.  His eventual job will be to protect these animals, but for now, he's a little too animated (ie: crazy amount of energy that isn't controlled yet), so he has to stay on the other side of the fence and that drives him batty.

My lovely sister Amber and her adorable Simon

This is Sugar with her lamb Maximus.  The one behind the tree is Magnus.  Magnus was bottlefed by Amber and the kids and they're planning to keep him as a permanent part of the herd.

My sister's homestead

To the right of her house is my old home that we sold to move to Alaska.  It does evoke a little nostalgia to look over and see it.

It was fun spending time with these guys

The chickens had to come out and see what was going on

 My sister and her family plan to use the wool and are raising the male sheep for meat. Life seems good on the homestead.

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