Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Protecting ourselves and our children

I guess this post will be a little bit depressing and most likely disturbing for some of you, but I believe knowledge is power.  Pretending evil is not out there doesn't change the fact that it IS there.

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail Wooden, John

This video is from the NW local news and is about a family who I used to babysit for, so this story hits close to home for me.  We support Shared Hope International regularly and this reaffirmed my commitment to their organization.


Another story that affected me recently is from last week.  A mom and daughter were kidnapped from a mall parking lot.  The ten year old was raped and the mother was killed. 

It confirmed to me that the steps I've been taking lately are worthy ones.  It's no one else's job to protect me or my family should the unthinkable happen.  I'm taking self defense courses, learning to shoot well, and reading books on what to do in an emergency.  Punching, kicking and shooting are really fun and exciting for me, but the books are a mental drain, requiring prayers afterwards for peace in my soul, which the Lord has graciously given me each and every time.

One book that was recommended by my Krav Maga instructor is an out of print read called Strong on Defense by Stanford Strong 

I read most of it in one long night.  It's scary, but empowering at the same time.  The goal is to survive, not to escape uninjured.  If someone tries to take you, rape you, carjack your vehicle, etc...Resist your fear, become angry and explosive.  NEVER cooperate, never let them move you...fight and run.  Train your mind in "what if" scenarios, disciplining yourself in what you would do.   

My brain is processing a lot of information right now, but if bringing this up stimulates just a couple of people to really look at what they might do in a terrible situation to avoid becoming a statistic, it's worth it to me to risk making some uncomfortable.  

A few resources for those that might be interested in looking to more information on some of these things:

I know firearms can be a touchy subject and it's a personal decision for each person.

I pray all of us grow old never having faced a violent attacker of any kind.  I hope this post at least encourages you to think about ways you can better protect your family, with the hope of never, ever having to employ those methods.  

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