Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

We've all been struggling with colds and bad coughing around here and I've just been too lazy and tired to get anything significant accomplished.  I have plans for the spring and summer, oh yes I do, but for right now...I'm just surviving.


Today is Good Friday.  The kids and I are going to be in town running some errands and then attending a celebration lunch with a sweet friend who has her last radiation treatment today.

I wish I had something deep, educational and heartrending to share like Missy at It's Almost Naptime.  But since I'm not so eloquent, I'll link her post hereHer idea of a Good Friday brunch is beautiful and I think I will start that next year with some girlfriends and their kids.  I would love to devote more energy to this special day to prepare our hearts and minds for Resurrection Sunday.

I still have to decide what we're having for Easter dinner.  I'm uninspired, but I'm sure the kids and I will come up with a delicious menu.

 On Sunday, we'll be going to church and then later in the afternoon Elsa and Isaac are to be baptized.  Dave and I are so pleasedElsa brought it up first and Isaac said he wanted to do it as well.  Our church just happened to be holding it on Resurrection Sunday.  It is a fitting day for such an occasion and it will be a blessing to witness their baptisms.

We'll likely cap off Sunday with the final installment of The Bible.    We've been touched and awed so many times, especially watching Jesus' birth and ministry.  It's been fun to listen to the kids fill in details they know that aren't touched on in the mini-series.  They absorb so much more than what we think they do.  If you aren't watching The Bible yet, it is worth your time.

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  1. Hope you are all feeling better and I hope you had a lovely Easter!



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