Saturday, October 13, 2012

Starting some new stuff

I've been a little busy this week.  We got back going on school during the day, I started doing light workouts (finally) and I'm attempting to get my first Brave Girl art project done.  

The weather is changing quickly and we should have snow by next week I think.  The nights are down in the teens and sometimes below.  Winter is here for sure.

Pardon the crappy pics in this post, they're all from my cell camera and I have no skillz with that thing.
After trying to create meals from this empty thing...

I finally stocked our fridge and freezer.

The last month or so, we have been taking a break from eating Primal, and the pounds were creeping back on me.  My kids and husband really don't like the eating plan, so I'm doing it on my own.  This takes a lot more will power, but it's the best way I know to control and lose weight without a lot of pain.

One of the tools I've found really beneficial this week is an app for my phone called My Fitness Pal.   I've been able to keep track of my calories and exercise each day, which has already translated into 2 pounds lost.  My targets as far as carbs/fat aren't near what theirs are due to an eating plan that turns conventional wisdom on it's head.  It's fun and easy to track my habits and I'm loving it!

The kids got to go ice skating for the first time with some of their homeschool friends and they had a blast.  I think we'll make it something we'll do every week or two. 

 I started the boys' room redo this week.  Boy, has that space gotten out of hand!

Here's an honest pic of what it looked like today, oy! 
(as the walls show, I've let go of the details until I get this project done)

This is my main inspiration pic (mostly for style and colors)

And also a little of this one

This link also has some great ideas and inspiration for industrial style boy's rooms.  My room will not look like any of these, but I'm taking their great ideas and adjusting them for my abilities and budget.
I hope to have the space done by mid November when we go to Washington.  I'll be able to come home after Thanksgiving and just focus on Christmas stuff!  

I'll be back Monday with a very green reveal.

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  1. Interesting about the Primal. No of course the family doesn't like it those carbs are so darn habit forming and attractive to everyone. I don't know how Sarah does it with her family consistently. You bet the weight will come back on if you veer too far off it does with me too. I have to pull myself back in line all the time as I'm not going to gain out of all these outfits I made myself! No way.


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