Thursday, October 4, 2012

Papa and Grandma

My in-laws left yesterday. We had a wonderful 2 weeks together.  They are the first visitors we've had since Christmas, so the excitement was palpable.

I adore Dave's parents and feel very fortunate to have such wonderful in-laws for myself and great grandparents to my children. 
 Be warned...This is a pic heavy post (forgive the quality, they're from 2 different cameras and my cell phone)

Most of their visit, we had cool temps, but the days were beautiful

There was LOTS of reading going on around here

Both Papa and Grandma won over Miss Lydia.
Here is her expression on the day they arrived
By day 4
10 days later  

Each morning, Sue would wake up Elsa and they would read a book together before starting the day.  It's a real blessing watching their relationship develop ♥

We had a "Henry" birthday for our October guys -
Charles Henry and Isaac Henry

Dave and I got to go on a date!  It was the first time we've been out alone since July of 2010!  We had a fabulous time together having dinner and drinks at the Silver Gulch Brewery.  Delicious in all ways.
We can't wait to go back (let's hope it doesn't take 2 years for our next date to come around)

I was able to find a great sale on airline tickets, so we get to go visit Washington over Thanksgiving!  There is much excitement over that, and having something to look forward to makes the goodbye's go much easier.



  1. Great pictures :) It's always wonderful to have family visiting.

    Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving in Washington.

  2. So many of those pictures deserve frames-they are beautiful! I love the first one so much. So glad you had such a wonderful time. Don't you just wish time could stand still sometimes?!


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